A Few Good Dykes
Regie: Mocha Jean Herrup, USA 2004, 50', Video, OF

A cinematic self-portrayal where Boy Scout-fetishism meets Abu Ghraib, depicting a boot camp consisting of two generals and some recruits who are members of lesbian and transgender communities. It's not only about role-play or donning uniforms. The film endeavors to find a place for women - some from families with a military background - by creating a lesbian subculture consisting of the "very principles the army stands for: pride and honour". How can a female body, experienced as soft and yielding, be made to fit into uniforms tailored for muscular lean guys? Can you really decorate your uniform with medals you just bought instead of 'earned' in battle? How sexy is polishing one's boots? Are two generals allowed to play with each other? How close - as one recruit puts it - is fetishising uniforms to fascism? Should the audience laugh or cry at the sight of a group of armed dykes decked out in full camouflage,crawling on the carpet mocking a war movie that appears on a huge TV screen in front of them? Unintentional comedy, tragedy, amazement or admiration is all in the eye of the beholder.
The peculiar, almost innocent lack of self-analysis and irony turns this documentary into an important piece not only of lesbian but of North American cultural history. A film Michael Moore could not have staged more pointedly, proving once more that bourgeois morals have even greater shock value than any type of excess could possibly have.

A Woman Reported
Regie: Chris J. Russo, USA 2004, 5', 35 mm, OF

While chatting with her girlfriend on her mobile phone about what to eat for
breakfast, a woman sets out for a run in the woods. She is attacked in the forest by two homophobic rednecks and has to run for her life. Rather than showing what's happening to her, we wit-ness the chaotic images racing through her mind.

Regie: Crystal Mason, u.a.
Deutschland 2004, 25', Video, dt.

Aliens gives perspectives on and portrays various realities of "lesbians of color" living in Germany.

Annie Dearest
Regie: Diane Wilkins, USA 2003, 5', Video, OF

Shot in the style of B&W educational movies of the 1950's, Annie Dearest is about a strict mother trying to teach her deaf-mute daughter a language lesson - employing dubious methods ranging from
laughable helplessness to bone-chilling brutality. This gripping featurette is a
clever metaphor for the ignorance that deaf-mute children (as well as the community itself) still encounter.

Annie Sprinkle's Amazing World Of Orgasm
Regie: Annie Sprinkle & Sheila Malone, USA 2004, 53', Video, OF

This film takes you on an entertaining and eyegasmic journey with Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., the porn star turned transmedia artist and sexologist. The film features interviews with 26 "orgasm experts" from various walks of life. The interviews are inter-cut and layered with a lively collage of archival film clips, special effects and images of people having all kinds of sex - masturbation, lesbian sex, gay sex, transgender sex, S/M sex, disabled sex, hetero sex (to name a few). The soundtrack includes original music and sound-scape by Sheila Malone. Until now, the subject of orgasm has been surrounded by ignorance, shame, and a cultural agenda to keep sex information secret. When you take this lively, thought-provoking, and sexy ride with Sprinkle and friends, it will change your view of orgasms forever.

Regie: Anuj Vaidya, Indien/USA 2004, 52', Video, engl. mit Hindi Untertiteln

Bad Girl with a Heart of Gold is an exceptional narrative that traces the journeys of four characters played by Bollywood icon, Helen, in the Hindi films of the 60's and 70's. Through re-enactments (where the filmmaker, Anuj Vaidya, embodies Helen), found footage and original scenes, the video explores the reasons why Helen has to die within the confines of their filmic space and begin to talk to one another in an attempt to figure out how they can change their fate. Bad Girl merges with the high camp of the Bollywood musical with a deeper analysis to explore the politics of representation and the nature of performance and melodrama, and in doing so asserts the hybridity that is essential to all of us as post-modern subjects.

Regie: Georgina Maddox & Shalini, Indien 2001, 3,30', Video, engl.

A coming out story that uses poetic excerpts from her daily journal of everyday encounters. It ends moaningly happy.

Regie: Tejal Shah, Indien 2004, 15', Video, Englisch, Hindi & Bengali menglU

Homosexuality remains criminalized in India under Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code [IPC].
In June 1999, on a rainy day a small group of Hijras, kothis and gay men walked down the streets of Calcutta. They called it a "friendship walk". A walk to assert our rights as people of alternative sexuality and gender. This was a landmark event in the history of the LGBT movement in India.
This walk was later consolidated into an event called "WALK ON THE RAINBOW, 2003", the first Pride march to commemorate the Stone wall riots ever to be held in India (Calcutta).

On June 27 2004, the second Walk on the Rainbow was held in Calcutta. There were participants from West Bengal, Delhi, Bombay, Srilanka and Thailand to name a few. This documentary is a record of this 2nd Pride march. In the film I try to bring to surface the role that the media plays in the representation of LGBT communities to the world outside and the differing points of view held by different people on the pride march and the position of queer people in India right now, making this into a sociological document. The interviews range from on-lookers, participants, police, plain clothes intelligence agent, allies and supporters.

Regie: David Planell, Spanien 2003, 10', 35 mm, Omengl.U

Paca lives for documentaries like the‚Three O'Clock News Report',and ‚60 Minutes' until she discovers that Jenny has found an other. A wonderful short film with tragic comedy dialogues on love in the Information Age.

Regie: Gilles Tillet & Laurent Coltelloni, Frankreich 2004, 7,30', Video, OF

Combien? - How Many? Three couples in three bedrooms play a game
called "how many".

Regie: Angela Robinson, USA 2003, 90', 35 mm, OF

Discipline. Energy. Beauty. Strength. A killer fashion sense. Do you have what it takes to join the D.E.B.S.?
"A refreshing and witty comedy, D.E.B.S. blasts onto the screen with sophisticated humor, sexy super spies and high-tech action. Laced with an enchanting love story, Angela Robinson's debut feature is a skillful and stylish satire of teen comedy and action adventure films.
Selected by the U.S. government for their unique abilities to lie, cheat, fight and kill, the D.E.B.S. have more than a few tricks up their skirts - they form a highly trained, top-secret paramilitary group disguised in tartan and knee-highs. ..... While on a stakeout of international master criminal Lucy Diamond (Jordana Brewster), the foxy brunette bank robber so dangerous no crime fighter has ever confronted her and lived to tell, a shootout occurs and Amy is captured. That's when the sparks fly - instead of killing Amy, Lucy asks her out! Sleeping with the enemy is grounds for dismissal, so Amy stages her own kidnapping and spends a steamy weekend with her sparkly suitor."
Kirsten Schaffer, Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Ein Neues Land
Regie: Kerstin Nickig, Deutschland 2004, 35,47', Video, russisch-deutsch mdt.U

A New Country (Russian and German with German subtitles)

The Berliner Astrid meets and falls in love with a Siberian theatre director Larissa while working at a circus for street kids in St. Petersburg. Yet, when attempting to travel from 'the new country' of their love to reality, they run up against constant visa problems. Consequently they decide to get married and thus begins their drudgery through German and Russian bureaucracy. Their upcoming marriage raises questions about identity, relationships and dealing with stereotypes coming from those closest to you.

Regie: Lila Ghobady & Moslem Mansouri, Iran/Schweden 2004, 33', Video, Farsi mengl.U

In Iran today, prostitution has acquired broad dimensions. Many married women, widows, young and underage girls have to sell their bodies to make a living. Networks related to the religious administration governing Iran are involved in the buying and selling of girls. Sex trade is appealing to them and they make big profits from it. Meanwhile, the religious government in Iran is stoning women to death for sex out-of-marriage, has imposed compulsory veiling or 'Hejab', and does not allow women the right to choose their own mode of dress. This film is a snap-
shot showing a small part of the conditions endured by prostitutes in Iran in their own words.

Everything Must Come To Light
Regie: Mpumi Njinge, Paulo Alberton, Südafrika 2002, 24´, Video, Zulu mengl.U

The filmmakers Mpumi Njinge and Paulo Alberton offer a very different view onto Soweto, which became tragically known on June, 16th, 1976, when over 500 black children and young people got wounded or killed by the apartheid´s regime army.
In the South-Africa of today interesting and "eccentric" women are living peacefully. With beautiful images and close interviews this documentary tells wonderful stories about loving women and being a sangoma, a healing woman.

Regie: Roberta Degnore, USA 2004, 10', Video, OF

When sex, drugs and escape from success don't kill you, they force you to make a career move. That's what Cyanne doesn't learn, when she blows her last big photo shoot. But this time when she runs, she is stopped by extraordinary bikers who teach her what courage - and art - are really about.

Faces In The Crowd
Regie: Fatime Kahveci, Deutschland 2001, 7,3', Video, dt.

Two women -strangers to one another- stand across from each other in the underground. As two men begin to catcall at them both, a solidarity between the two women is formed. This mutually experienced harassment within an anonymous context allows a fleeting intimacy to develop between these two women.

Flash Girl
Regie: Janine Bliefeling, Petra Stiegler, Deutschland 2004, 4', Video, dt.

Just another day and erotic surprises are around the corner.

Fly Cherry
Regie: Jessica Sharzer, USA 2003, 14,23', Video, OF

A misfit in her world, dismissed by her mother and sister, is determined to find her own wings and escape. An old lady, mysterious and gentle, gives her advices.

Regie: Pazeet Ben Hayl, Galit Shaked, Israel 2003, 60', Video, hebr.m.engl.U

Filmmakers Pazeet Ben Hayl and Galit Shaked's dynamic documentary tells the story of women trying to live their dreams of playing professional women's soccer in Israel. With fancy footwork and a tenacious competitive spirit, the Hapoel Tel Aviv women'' soccer team defends their Israeli National Cup Championship title. Even with their enormous talent, can the team withstand the added pressures of family crisis, working multiple jobs, the growing feud between the star player and coach, and the ever-looming possibility that the league might fold due to lack of attendance (they have one fan)? Excellent soccer footage, compelling drama, and hot soccer players combine for a film that's sure to score!
San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

Freedom To Marry
Regie: Laurie York, Carmen Goodyear, USA 2004, 57´, Video, OF

Between February 12th and March 11th, 2004 more than 4000 gay couples followed the example of Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon and married in San Francisco. Laurie York and Carmen Goodyear interviewed seven of them. In addition to their desire for more rights and privileges, their love in
longterm relationships and a wish for "normality" is portrayed. In their struggle to make this come true, heterosexual allies and their own children are seen as helpers to the cause, which for some of them is "the most important civil rights issue of our generation." A humorous and moving documentary, which reminds us of the better days and the ongoing struggle, since the Supreme Court of California annulled these marriages in August, 2004.

Gestern Heute Morgen
Regie: Verena Waldbröhl, Christine Altrock, Julia Haarbrücker, Deutschland 2004, 7', Video, dt.

A journey in lesbian history - this short documentary portrays an older lesbian, a lesbian couple with two kids and a young lesbian.

Regie: Mia Olin, USA 2004, 53,34', Video, OF

A colourful, witty and steamy account of the professional Los Angeles S&M scene. Doms and Dominatrixes candidly speak about their community, families, work, clients, toys and fashion. While we watch them make their slaves / clients sweat and scream, they crack jokes about their own profession or earnestly explain certain pulleys & ropes they have invented. Beautifully shot and edited, this feature-film-length documentary surely won't bore you even if the content is not earth-shattering news. Warning: cock teasing/torture, needles & blood, mummy sex.

Hearts Cracked Open
Regie: Betsy Kalin, USA 2004, 57', Video, OF

This documentary provides the first in-depth look inside the world of lesbian Tantra with its ancient ecstatic practices and sexual techniques. Through interviews with Tantra teachers and students, workshop footage, and daily practices, "Hearts Cracked Open" celebrates sexuality and coupling in the lesbian community while also promoting discussion about this usually hidden aspect of our lives. The process of learning Tantra is ultimately a transformative experience. It cracks open the heart to a wider range of emotions and deeply felt sensations as women reclaim the fullness of their beings. As Annie Sprinkle says, "a Tantric lesbian is a happy lesbian."

Regie: Violeta Uman, Argentinien 2003, 12', Video, stumm mengl.U

Hevalino arrives in planet earth on an intergalactic flower. Isolda suffers from a disease that keeps her in-side her tower, and that is why her father takes care of her like something precious. One afternoon, as she is playing the violin, Hevalino walks by the castle and hears the tune. Isolda looks through the window, sees him and falls in love. "Hevalino" is inspired by Leonora Carrington's short story "The Seventh Horse" (1943).

Homo Sapiens International
Regie: Nadine Hauptmann, Lynette Luis, Franziska Pyko, Deutschland 2003, 10', Video, dt.

People from different countries: what are they thinking of lesbians and gays?

Regie: Guinivere Turner, USA 2003, 9,58', Video, OF

Gorgeous Guin Turner has come a long way from her Go Fish-innocence: here she's a sassy been-there-done-that femme trying to score the perfect date. Yet, she's just discovered the latest candidate's flaw: humming a merry tune isn't everyone's idea of post-orgasmic bliss… luckily, her shy roommate turns out to be more innovative.

I Wanna Be A Butch
Regie: Marie Vermeiren, Belgien 2002, 2,15', DVD, engl.

How to be a butch: gestures and rituals and the cult music of Les Reines Prochaines.

I'm So Excited
Regie: Annabelle Wick & Henry Foerster, Deutschland 2004, 4', Video, nur Musik

Karaoke at it's best: scenes from gay and lesbian cult films edited together at a lightning-speed pace to the pulsing beat of the Pointer Sister's song "I'm so excited" make you hot for more...

In Good Conscience - Sister Jeannine Gramick's Journey Of Faith
Regie: Barbara Rick, USA 2003, 121,48', Video, OF

In 1999, Rome issued the ultimatum to Sister Jeannine Gramick: condemn homosexuality as "intrinsically evil" or risk your life in the church. An unlikely rebel, Sister Jeannine Gramick feels called by God to devote her life to a compassionate ministry to gay and lesbian Catholics, striving to make a place within the church for those who have been historically ignored or reviled. When the ultimatum came, Sister Jeannine saw only one path. "I choose not to collaborate in my own oppression by restricting a basic human right," she said. "To me this is a matter of conscience." The price for choosing conscience over obedience was great. Sister Jeannine was commanded by the church to be forever silent, never to speak or write about homosexuality, never to criticize the Vatican publicly or privately and never to speak of the church process that led to the silencing. But Sister Jeannine would not be silenced. We follow Sister Jeannine to Rome as she dares to approach those who commanded her silence, the "Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith." (The Sister sweetly points out that historically, the name of the Congregation was "The Office of the Inquisition.") Back home, she gently approaches a bigot carrying a "God hates fags" sign. Directed by Emmy winner Barbara Rick, and shot by legendary documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles (Gimme Shelter, Grey Gardens), In Good Conscience is a project of love funded entirely by donations from prominent humanitarians such as Ellen DeGeneres and Susan Sarandon.

In The Company Of Women
Regie: Lesli Klainberg & Gini Reticker, USA 2004, 75', Video, OF

Women have played a significant role in reshaping the images of women onscreen, cultivating a rich and increasingly diverse representation of complex characters. Lesli Klainberg and Gini Reticker's inspiring, eye-opening look at female filmmakers affirms the experience and contributions of women as directors, writers, actors and critics. The documentary uses interviews, film footage and stills to chart the increasing presence of women behind the camera and their influence on the growth of independent American film over the last two decades. Jodie Foster, Lisa Cholodenko, Allison Anders, Tilda Swinton and Shari Frilot (to name a few) explore the influence of feminism, the importance of American queer cinema and the critical venue that film festivals provide. An inspiring chronicle that celebrates women in film.
Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Regie: Helen Lesnick, USA 2003, 82', Video, OF

Sometimes the desire between two women, regardless of the consequences, is inescapable. This delightful tale of lesbian erotica finds juicy, forbidden passion bursting out of the safe, serene world of suburban professional lesbians. Jessie is peeved when her girlfriend Susan plan a trip to Oregon to visit Beth, Susan's ex-girlfriend and college sweetheart. But when Jessie meets Beth's girlfriend, Chloe, Jessie experiences overwhelming desire. Jessie and Chloe attempt to satisfy their passion wherever and whenever they can, risking discovery by their girlfriends. Inescapable is a steamy romp filled with seduction and numerous erotic scenes. Enjoy these delicious women in all their devious embraces.
Los Angeles Gay And Lesbian Film Festival

Regie: Mary Ann Marino, USA 2003, 14,09', Video, OF

A short intensely suspenseful thriller that leaves the audience with an indelible afterimage of a full length feature film. An ambitious - and very attractive detective investigates the case of a serial killer who 'specialises' in killing lesbian couples. As the case draws to dramatic closure, the heroine must come to terms not only with the killers' ruthless brutality, but also with her own desires.

La Fidanzata
Regie: Petra Volpe, Schweiz 2004, 11', Schweizerdeutsch/Ital. mengl.U.

Lolo, 30, a second-generation Italian, and his lover Manuel are about to celebrate their one-year-anniversary. The evening starts on a high note: as a surprise for Lolo, Manuel has dressed up as Sophia Loren, which Lolo seems to enjoy beyond measure. However, this romantic tete-à-tete comes to an abrupt end when Lolo's granny shows up on his doorstep. Lolo just manages to hide Manuel in his bedroom before Nonna Concetta storms into the flat. Nonna at once notices that romance is in the air and thinks that her grandchild has finally found a ‚fidanzata' - a fiancée. And now the unexpected occurs....

Liberty: 3 Stories About Life And Death
Regie: Pam Walton, USA 2004, 54,40', Video, OF

This documentary tells the tale of a group of friends in San Francisco, structured in three chapters. The women have known each other for over twenty years and have shared various relationships with one another. Now they are between 50 and 70 years old and the issue of dying is more and more a reality. In "Death to Life", Joyce passes away due to a brain tumor and Mary Bell, in "Life to Death", dies of lymphatic cancer. At the same time, life becomes more precious. In "Life" their friend, the artist Nan Golub, portrays a humorous and thoughtful picture of their lives.

Regie: Susan Justin, Canada 2004, 2,45', Video, OF

A daughter's coming-out to her mother falls on deaf ears. Sometimes people just don't want to listen.

Little Black Boot
Regie: Colette Burson, USA 2003, 16,12', Video, OF

Tomboy Cindy's crush on the most popular girl in school receives a boost when her best friend transforms her into the beau of the prom.
Los Angeles Gay And Lesbian Film Festival

Lucie & Vera
Regie: Julia von Heinz, Deutschland 2003, 25', Video, dt.

Vera runs away from home. She meets Lucie on the streets and from then on they are inseparable. When Vera becomes pregnant and initially does not want to keep the child, Lucie convinces her to carry out the pregnancy in her name. They move in together and attempt to create a 'normal' family life. In the end both of them are not yet grown-up enough for the situation. The film is based on a true story.

Make A Wish
Regie: Sharon Ferranti, USA 2003, 96', Video, OF


Does the idea of going on a camping trip with your ex and all of her exes make you want to scream? It gets even scarier in Make A Wish, Sharon Ferranti's lesbian horror-slasher picture. A gaggle of horny babes gathers for an all-girl sleep-over in the woods. One by one, the women meet grisly fates, turning this extended dyke hike into a bona fide fright fest. Who's to blame? The creepy Wiccan chick? The bisexual hussy? Her jealous boyfriend? That weird guy with the crossbow? The female forest ranger? Make A Wish grabs you and won't let go - even after the credits roll. Bring your girlfriend - and all the exes.
Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Mansa (Human)
Regie: Arwa Mamaji, Indien 2003, 4,13', Video, stumm

The essence of the film lies in discovering in the end the true Mansa/Human. We experience a day in the life of Mansa. There are subtle signs expressing the close mindedness of an otherwise liberal society. The film is based on the theme "Another World Is Possible". It was made for the World social forum that took place in India in the 2004.

Many People Many Desires
Regie: T Jayashree, Indien 2004, 45,16', DVD, Hindi mengl.U.

This film by acclaimed documentary filmmaker and activist T Jayashree with the excellent camerawork of Avijt Mukul Kishore (Kumar Talkies) explores the intersections of sexuality, class, gender identity and human rights in India. Set in the city of Bangalore in Southern India, it records the desires, aspirations and struggles of young hijras, transsexuals, kothis, doubledeckers, lesbians and gays. The film is both a skillfully crafted documentary, as well as an important piece of work for consciousness raising.

Maria Hilf
Regie: Cora Heitzmann, Sabine Weber, Deutschland 2004, 17´, Video, dt.

This short film accompanies some Berlin lesbians along their journey to gay pride in Altoetting. In this infamous destination of religious pilgrimage for Mary, the otherness and alienation of the one's own society is revealed.

Memoirs Of An Evil Stepmother
Regie: Cherien Dabis, USA 2004, 18', Video, OF

A modern take on the Snow White fairy tale, this dark comedy pokes at our culture's obsession with youth and beauty.
Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Mi cuerpo inerte en un paraje desolado
Regie: Alejandra Borja, Spanien 2003, 6', Video, span.Omengl

(My inert body in a desolute space)
Every night she repeatedly experiences her own death. This poetic and sensitive short film intertwines dreamlike and real landscapes of an authoress obsessed with her own mortality.

Mind If I Call You Sir
Regie: Mary Guzman, USA 2004, 30', Video, OF

The relation between transgendered people (trannyboys and FTM in this case) and lesbians has never been easy. Is the proximity of 'unruly' and hard-earned masculinity a matter of shared space, of closeness, or where does a politics of differentiation come into play? And what role does race play in all this? In this documentary, Latina butches and FTMs begin to speak to each other, share their experiences and address what often remains silent.

Regie: Iwajla-Roma Klinke, Deutschland 2004, 8', Video, arab./engl. mengl.U.

100 women and children are among the currently imprisoned 7,500 Palestinians in Israel. As representatives for many of these women, four formerly incarcerated women speak about their experiences in Moskobiye, a Jerusalem detention centre, infamous for its harsh conditions of detention.
Surrounded by shopping streets and cafes, in the middle of the old quarter of Jerusalem, Shabak (the Israeli domestic secret service) also has its offices located there. Following their arrest, all of these women were sent there for interrogation often lasting days or weeks. Amne, Rula, May and Khulod tell what their day to day life was like in Moskobiye, about interrogations, torture and

Mother Country
Regie: Tina Gharavi, UK 2003, 24', Video, OF

Over 20 years ago, at the age of six, director Tina Gharavi left Iran and her mother, to go and live with her father in the West. She has not seen mother or homeland since. This intensely personal film follows her own experiences. Tina employs actors to play out the roles of her and her mother as they look on, in order to facilitate communication between the pair. But as the visit draws to a close, her mother remains elusive about why she sent her away, while Tina has a bombshell of her own - her coming-out, to drop.

Regie: Franziska Meletzky, Deutschland 2003, 88', 35 mm, dt.


Postal employee Dora lives a life of duldroms in her flat on the outskirts of the city, tending to the thorns of her meticulously kept cacti collection and the leftovers of her ex who disappeared after 19 years without a word, fostering her reclusive life. When Jola, the undocumented worker in the neighbourhood bar, knocks on her door and seeking a hide-out from the police, Dora reluctantly lets her into her flat. Once in her life however, Dora becomes increasingly fascinated with Jola. Unable to cope with her blossoming feelings, she lies about the state of the police investigations to keep Jola to herself. Of course this cannot last forever - Jola finds out and Dora has to make a series of decisions. A tender, well acted and entertaining story of an awakening.

On Becoming A Woman
Regie: Diane Wilkins, USA 2001, 8,2', Video, OF

An amusing version of a guide for virtuous maidens, promising 'forbidden fruit' to actually be the juiciest.

On The Shelf
Regie: Sara Zia Ebrahimi & Naomi Skoglund, USA 2003, 12', Video, OF

A homage to booklovers, "On The Shelf" is a humorous love story about a girl who is particular about the contents of her date's shelf.

One Wedding and a Revolution
Regie: Debra Chasnoff, USA 2004, 19,10´, Video, OF

Gay marriage is a divisive issue in the US today. It therefore came as a real surprise when San Francisco's mayor Gary Newsom decided to hand out marriage certificates to same-sex couples. Debra Chasnoff´s documentary shows the decision-making processes leading up to Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon -the first couple to

Out For Bubble Tea
Regie: Desiree Lim, Canada 2003, 16', Video, OF

Three young immigrants from Hong Kong hang out at the neighborhood bubble tea house chatting about crushes, relationships and their parents.
Los Angeles Gay And Lesbian Film Festival

Regie: Mara Mattuschka, Österreich 2004, 11', Video, nur Musik

A film about the enigmatic interaction between subject and reality. King Kong is Rigoletto. Mara Mattuschka plays her own alter ego, the artist Mimi Minus enters the cabinet of mirrors in the Viennese Prater, a world of broken images. The distortion is transfered to Mimi. Her reflection becomes a grotesque reality. The deformed, disgusted Mimi flees to the street and thereby to the beginning of the film. She meets herself there again. The mirror image stares at her own original. Mimi regains sovereignity over her own shape, yet now Plasma spreads herself out in the world of objects. King Kong melts. With a twinkle in her eye, Mara Mattuschka's film weaves together societal critique, philosophical analysis and artistic imagery.

Rainbow Pride
Regie: Marie-Jo Ferron, Canada 2004, 56,46', Video, OF

"Rainbows everywhere": no other gay or lesbian symbol shares the popularity of the rainbow flag. Marie-Jo Ferron´s documentary offers insight into the history of the US gay and lesbian movement through the use of interviews and historical footage. From Stonewall and Judy Garland to Harvey Milk and the rainbow banner - this movie demystifies myths as well as creating new ones.

Regie: Melanie La Rosa, USA 2004, 19', 16 mm, OF

When Gaby and Katy meet by chance on the ferry, they come face to face with unexpected feelings and stark realizations about their own lives. Each takes risks to pursue love in this opposites-attract story. Melanie La Rosa's first fiction film uses evocative scenes to offer an insight into Katy's restlessness and Gabe's fear of moving on.

Rock Pool
Regie: Linn Kirkenaer, Australien 2003, 11', Video, OF

A surrealistic piece about two women, who chance upon each other at a natural 'pool' along the waterfront. One of them clutches a big red suitcase as if her life depended on it, apparently on the run. As the story hesitantly unfolds, we are fed intriguing bits and pieces of the women's personal histories… whether or not these are real events, fantasies or delusions is open to interpretation, just as the strange, intensive attraction that unites the two strangers for a fraction of their lives.

Sex, Lies And Darwin
Regie: Paul Oremland, UK 2004, 28,21', Video, OF

Nature films on animals tend to have an obsessive, almost transgressive quality. Their objects of study play their own part in it: for example the hyenas that also fascinated Monika Treut. This BBC documentary portrays the transsexual Stanford biologist Joan Roughgarden and her theories that challenge Darwin's theory in addressing the myriad of gender varieties in the animal world.

Skate Her
Regie: Kristin Wygal, USA 2003, 6', Video, OF

The fun and adventure of being a girl skater, hanging out with a group of like-minded friends and the drawbacks of being discriminated against by straight skaters for being female.

Slow Day
Regie: Armiti Khamush, Bettina Wagner, Deutschland 2004, 7', Video, dt.

She feels lonely... tongue-in-cheek lesbian fashion tips how to turn the heads of all the girls.

Special Guest Program
curated by Natasha Mendonca, Tejal Shah, Larzish 1st International Film Festival Of Sexuality and Gender Plurality, India

In 2003 the 1st International Film Festival Of Sexuality and Gender Plurality took place in Bombay, India. Although homosexuality is still criminalized in India a group of the most courageous people we ever got to know started to build up the festival within a few months. We are proud and happy that a collaboration between the Berlin Lesbian Film Festival and Larzish, the International Film Festival Of Sexuality and Gender Plurality could succeed. It's a pleasure for us to present in our 20th year a guest package by Larzish to our audience with new and inspiring films from India. We especially would like to thank Natasha Mendonca and Tejal Shah, the most beautiful people in the true sense, for all their energy, enthusiasm, artistic ability and knowledge they bring to the LGBT community.

Strangers In Our Sameness
Regie: Zane Thimmesch-Gill, USA 2003, 55', Video, OF

"Strangers In our Sameness" is a moving documentary following a young FTM (female-to-male transsexual) in his struggles with the public and private implications of reshaping his body. In an intimate conversation with the camera, he discusses his own doubts and issues in his decision to have a sex change in the context of the pressure to conform to a binary gender fixated society. The dialogues with the camera are set off by impressionistic scenes of nature and explicit scenes of the operation of his breasts. "Strangers in our Sameness" deals with the topic of FTM in an unusually candid, complex and deep manner. Zane Thimmesch-Gill won the "Most Promising Filmmaker" award for his film in the US. Warning: explicit scenes of medical operations.

Regie: Katherine Brooks, USA 2003, 75', Video, OF

Surrender is an erotic SM drama of self-discovery centered on two women: Salene and her naïve new roommate, Georgia. I want to give 'power back to women where men take it away' so says lesbian dominatrix Salene (Katherine Hill) to Georgia (Julia Clary) when questioned on her noctural activities. Salene, a struggling writer, escapes her troubled past by becoming a dominatrix in LA's underground SM subculture. Georgia finds herself drawn to Salene and to this forbidden new world. They are instantly attracted to each other and Georgia's wish to partake in Salene's whipping sessions is granted. The two embark on an underground journey of whippings, submission and hot lesbian sex at bath time. But heck there's trouble ahead! When a murder occurs in the close-knit SM community, both women must take stock of their lives and make serious changes. Kate Hill is particularly strong as Salene, a very sexy woman to watch on screen especially when she gets her toys out.

Regie: Shohini Ghosh, Indien 2002, 74', Video, Bengali & Englisch menglU

Five sex workers, four women and one man- along with the filmmaker/narrator embark on a journey of story telling. Tales of The Night Fairies explores the power of collective organizing and resistance while reflecting upon contemporary debates around sex work. The simultaneously expansive and labyrinthine city of Calcutta forms the backdrop for the personal and musical journeys of storytelling.
The film attempts to represent the struggles and aspirations of thousands of sex workers who constitute the DMSC (Durbar Mahila Samanay Committee), an initiative that emerged from the Shonagachi HIV/AIDS Intervention Project. A collective of men, women, and transgendered sex workers, DMSC demands decriminalization of adult sex workers and the right to form a trade union.

The Anti Film
Regie: Gala Magrina & Nelda Turcios, USA 2003, 25', Video, OF

The Anti Film is an urban adventure of two hot, hip, but totally dysfunctional girls, Scottie and Renata, that are together, but would never refer to themselves as gay (and they know exactly why!) This dark comedy is not your average gay film. The two girls do not need the label "gay" to define themselves nor define the places that they must comfortably function within on a daily basis. The adventure heightens as Scottie and Renata run through the streets of New York. With music blaring and love in their eyes, they blow up one of New York City's cheesiest girly bars - Henrietta Hudson's and embrace for a much awaited Hollywood ending kiss.

The Day After Today
Regie: Natasha Mendonca, Indien 2004, 12', Video, nur Musik

A short video about love, longing and loss.

The Lesbian Centennial Project
Regie: Kathryn L. Beranich, USA 2003, 68', Video, OF

The stories, musings and opinions of 100 lesbians create a composite look at the lesbian experience in the 20th century. The Lesbian Centennial Project is an oral history that mixes social commentary with candid personal experience. It is also an archival snapshot of the issues of concern to lesbians at the end of the most significant Century in the history of our subculture. Younger lesbians, raised with a heightened awareness of lesbian history, recognized the role World War II played in the development of the lesbian community while older lesbians, who had been closeted most of their lives, were coming out in their retirement.

The Nearly Unadventurous Life Of Zoe Cadwaulder
Regie: Buboo Kakati, USA 2003, 12,1', Video, OF

A girl's parents are killed by a meteorite shower (but at least she was able to save the family chicken). Ever since this day, she lives in constant panic and fear of being killed in a freak accident or natural catastophe. Just her luck, she ends up falling for an adventurous girl who's a sucker for extreme sports.

The Rules
Regie: Laura Black, USA 2003, 29,36', Video, OF

Kyla, a bored, lonely housewife, embarks upon a phone sex game with a mysterious woman, Melanie.
With rules known only to them, the two women play the game and one-up each other through stories of fantasy, half-truths and deception. But Kyla wishes more from the relationship. She expresses this, and Melanie scoffs at the notion. Secretly,Melanie finds herself intrigued by the idea. When Kyla is about to end the phone sex game for good, Melanie suggests pushing the boundaries. The game escalates.

The Undergrad
Regie: Michele Mahoney, USA 2003, 39´, Video, OF

Michele Mahoney was inspired by the cult film "The Graduate" for her drag king remake. Ben, a bored undergrad, embarks upon a sexual relationship with Mrs. Robinson, an older woman. While the original movie from 1967 criticised the double standards of its day, Mahoney presents various lifestyles in the drag king universe. Along with unexpected Outings (Diane Torr as Bud Braddock), gay men marry and frat boys get down. Only one thing is missing: the wonderful music by Simon & Garfunkel. "Mrs. Robinson" is only heard as a mobile phone tune.

The Undergrad
Regie: Michele Mahoney, USA 2003, 39´, Video, OF

A young woman lives a failed love story with another woman. She travels in an oneiric world in seek of herself. Beautiful images and a non-linear structure invite the spectator to read the story like a dream.

Trans - Leben zwischen den Welten
Regie: Natascha Imfeld, "Theo" Yeliz Karapolat, Deutschland 2004, 13', Video, OF

Theo loves women and feels like a (trans)man. Up until now he has lived without a sex change operation in the body of a woman. A touching portrait of the biography, identity and issues facing a transexual and his friends.

Regie: Kerry Weldon, USA 2003, 3,5', Video, OF

In the middle of the night on a downtown train, an exchange of glances promises everything or nothing.

Troo Bloo
Regie: Debbie Ng, USA 2003, 2,43', Video, OF

Meeting over a Tapioca drink, these two gorgeous Asian dykes only need the length of a Madonna song to seriously fall in love.

Regie: Lila Ghobady & Moslem Mansouri, Iran/Schweden 2004, 31', Video, Farsi mengl.U

In 1981, with the start of the war between Iran and Iraq, many people were forced to leave their homes and flee to Tehran and other major Iranian cities. While according to state-run newspapers the majority of the Iranian people live below the poverty line and suffer from hunger, the Iranian government officials are amongst the richest in the Middle East. This film shows the lifestyle of the people who survived this war and the life they must lead under the Mullahs theocracy.

Who Can Speak Of Men!
Regie: Ambarein Al Qadar, Ghazala, Yasmin Nihal Ahmad, Indien 2003, 34', Video, Hindi menglU

Chini is a 7year old girl. Kafeela and Arshi are women in their late twenties. Along with the filmmaker, they share a middle class neighborhood and stories in the form of memories and encounters where they are seen as everything women are not to be! WHO CAN SPEAK OF MEN! is a collection of anecdotes about the everyday encounters of its characters as cross dressers within the neighborhood, families and beyond. Situated within the overlapping spaces of memory, recollection and desire, the film explores the fluidity of sexual identities and its contradictions with the way gendered identities are socially constructed. The visibility of the body as it 'appears' is at odds with how it is experienced. The film raises some interesting debates with the mainstream media by having cross-dressed women share their experience of masculinity and being men.
The film is strongly rooted in the local geography of place from within which its characters work and live. Zakir Nagar is a result of large-scale migration of Muslims from all over the country in the wake of specific and communal anxieties. The struggles of the character are closely allied with the struggles of the filmmaker herself, as being a part of the same neighborhood for the last twenty years, escaping the history and representation of their community has been inevitable. The film is an attempt to counter the historically constructed category of the middle class Muslim woman as the victim by focusing on the grass root levels at which notions of selfhoods are individually asserted and heterogeneity is sustained.

Women On The Grass
Regie: Marie Vermeiren, Belgien 2003, 27', DVD, dt./engl. mengl.U.

A documentary on the annual women's music festival in Hunsrück, Germany which draws international musicians and simultaneously creates a space for political and cultural exchange for women from all over the world. Marie Vermeiren has captured the lively atmosphere of the participants of the festival in interviews and concert clips.

Women Videoletters
Regie: diverse, Israel, Türkei, Irak, Palästina, Mexiko, Deutschland, Uruguay, Argentinien, Niederlande 2004, 70', Video, engl./dt.

The 'women video-letters' are a collection of short video films between 1 and 10 minutes long by women, from a variety of regional perspectives give their views on inequality, militarisation and war. The concept behind this project was developed at a video activism meeting in Berlin, in 2001. Women from diverse video initiatives from India, Germany, Mexico and Switzerland decided to make their own statements on the political aftermath of 9/11. Some of the issues focused upon include the war in Afghanistan and the introduction of a racist, socalled 'Security' legislation in Germany. The video letters document political actions, offer statements and analyse everyday life. What outlooks do women, heterosexuals, lesbians or transgender people have on the every day reality of war or on the ordinariness of war? What happens to the urgency of war within the context of feminist, lesbian structures, projects and networks? What can develop out of the desire for an alternate way of life?

You Fake
Regie: Maureen Bradley, Kanada 2003, 6', Video, OF

What do women do in bed? After a bad one-night stand, Morgan looks for solace from her best friend only to be confronted with self-rigtheousness. Their disagreement results in a high-stakes bet to find out how many dykes fake it.